How Do Glaciers Erode the Land?


Glaciers not only transport material as they move, they also sculpt and erode the land beneath them. A glacier with its slow movement and its weight, can reshape the land. The ice erodes the land mass and carries the broken rock and soil far from where they were.
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Glaciers erode land by picking up and carrying sediments with them as they move.
Glaciers not only transport material as they move, but they also sculpt and carve away the land beneath them. A glacier's weight, combined with its gradual movement, can drastically
Rocks and sediments are added to glaciers through various
Glaciers are big masses of ice that move at a very slow rate. As the move, land underneath them are changed when a glacier moves across them and reforms the land. The huge matter
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The definition of eroded is gradually wearing away or disintegrating of the soil, rock or land. The surface of the earth is erode by action of water, glaciers, ...
The heat from the glaciers makes the rocks erode or in other words melt. ...
A glacier is a large persistent mass of ice that originates on land. Glaciers can be found in the vast ice sheets in the Polar Regions as well as in most mountain ...
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