How Do Gorillas Survive?


Gorillas survive by eating various plant materials, including leaves, seeds, roots, and fruit. Gorillas survive for a shorter time in the wild than they do in captivity: 35 years is the average lifespan of a gorilla in the wild, and one in captivity can live to 50 years. Gorillas stay in small groups in the wild.
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Gorillas need food,water,and shelter to survive.
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Family: Hominidae Genus: Gorilla Species: Gorilla gorilla
The gorilla, the largest of the primates, is a ground-dwelling herbivore that inhabits the forests of central Africa. There are two species of gorilla, both in the genus Gorilla. Gorillas move about... More »
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