How Do Headphones Work?


Headphones work when an electric signal is sent from the source like iPod or stereo receiver through a cable to a set of headphones. The headphones comprise of the transducer magnet, in and out wires and a coil a cone, that is made of plastic, that in turn is connected to a device that fits over the head and ears. When the signal is sent, the coil is moved to cause a small vibration in the cone. The cone vibrates causing the air around the cone to vibrate and the vibration is directed towards the ear and thus heard as sound.
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How Do Headphones Work?
They’re on your head everyday, delivering your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks directly to your ears, but you may have given little thought to how your headphones actually do their job. Headphones are simply small versions of speakers,... More »
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Headphones have a flexible plastic that is installed on them; these plastics vibrate in when they get a response from the signals from the music player. Beneath the tiny metal coil on the theirs is a magnet which magnetizes the plastic moves this creates a sound waves which travel out of the headphone.
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