How Do Hens and Roosters Mate?


Roosters mate with hen's as in when mating the rooster's organ is extruded (comes out) in order to place the sperm in the cloaca of the hen. The rooster normally 'mounts' the hen, holding on with his beak to her head or neck feathers, in order to be in the proper position for fertilisation to occur.
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Roosters mate with hens by mounting the hen on its back, holding itself using the beak by biting on to the hen's crown and inserting its cloaca into the hen's cloaca. The hen usually stoops for it to be able to support the roosters weight, this process usually takes less than a minute. A rooster mating with a hen may be referred to the cloacal kiss.
If a rooster feels like he just has to mate with a stubborn hen, he will chase her down. If he is fast enough to catch her, he will grab on to some feathers just below her comb and climb on. When the male bird is threading the hen, he will grip her back with his claws and her head with his beak.
Roosters mate with hens using an opening called the cloaca. They grab the chicken from behind and then tucks the chickens' tails underneath them. Roosters then pass sperm into the chicken via their cloacas.
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Chickens mate when a rooster and a hen each brings an external orifice called a cloaca into contact with one another, according to Real Clear Science. The cloaca ...
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Chicken mate so that they can produce and lay fertilised eggs. If a rooster does not mate with the hen the egg will not be fertilised. However, hens will lay eggs ...
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