How Do Hindus Prepare for Diwali?


Diwali is the festival of lights. Hindus begin preparing for it by extensive house cleaning to drive out all the dirt accumulated during the year. They also prepare lamps. The lamps are lit and are kept burning all night long in the house to drive away evil spirits. Fire crackers are set off to drive away evil spirits. Hindus wear new clothes and give sweet desserts to each member of the family.
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what they do in preparation is: get diwali card to invite friends and family. clean there houses. put diva lights out side and every ware to be seen. share sweets with next door nabers
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Diwali celebrations are spread over six days in most of North India and Maharashtra. All the days except Diwali are named according to their designation in the Hindu calendar. Diwali
Because Hinduism is a pluralistic religion (not polytheist) where we believe that there are many ways to view and think about God, not many gods. So all the gods that you see in Hinduism
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Diwali is a five day celebration that many participants of the Hindu, Sikhism, and the Jainism faiths partake in. The event falls between mid October and mid November ...
The five day festival of Diwali occurs on the new moon between October 13 and ...
The five day festival of Diwali occurs on the new moon between October 13 and ...
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