How Do Humans Affect the Carbon Cycle?


Humans affect the carbon cycle by adding carbon dioxide to it when exhaling. Plants do the opposite and breathe in carbon dioxide.
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When oil or coal is burned, carbon is released into the atmosphere at a faster rate than it is removed. As a result, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases.
Plants take in CO2 from the atmosphere, then release it when they die. This is part of the natural carbon cycle of the earth. Until recently CO2 levels had remained fairly constant
How does human impact affect the carbon
Humans are affecting the carbon cycle in many ways. As the people who have answered before me, humans are breathing more carbon dioxide than the vegetation on earth can handle. In
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Humans significantly affect the carbon cycle by increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere from the use of fossil fuels. People have also cleared so much forest that the ability of photosynthesis to remove CO2 has also been severely impaired.
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