How Do Humans Cause Flooding?


There are numerous ways through which human beings directly or indirectly cause floods. Human beings increase the risk of flooding by littering, causing pollution, and by certain farming activities. Cutting down trees that protect riverbanks also can lead to flooding.
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There are so many factors involved: You could have heavy rains/ storms/ high tides/ flash flooding etc, but these might be accompanied by deforestation/ desertification/ urbanisation
One of the most common reasons for flooding is rain. This type of flooding happens every year in many places, with some places enduring repeated floods. When precipitation falls for
Large amount of rain or quickly rising temperatures resulting in swift melting of snow pack. Forest fire destroying the root structure. Clear cutting of forested area. etc.
It could cause destruction of homes, city buildings. And if big enough engulf. interior.
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There are three main factors that cause flooding. It is usually caused by natural weather events such as heavy rainfall as well as thunderstorms over a short period ...
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One of the ways floods are measured is by the volume of water that caused it. They can also be measured in lives affected, the height at which the flood rose ...
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