How Do I Add Minutes to an AT&T Phone without the Actual Phone?


If you don't have your AT&T phone handy you can add minutes by calling AT&T and have them change your plan to be able to increase your minutes monthly.
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1. Go online and visit the Go Phone website (see resources) Find the link on the page that says "Refill Your Minutes With a Credit or Debit Card. Click on this link. 2. Choose
You can't.
It's exactly like being asleep. ;) Edit: aaaaaand once again I've misread something. In this case, the original question. Sheesh; I really have to stop multitasking. Embed Quote
You can not add minutes to your Verizon
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1. Click "Plans.". 2. Click "Add miuntes" in the "Existing customers" section. 3. Log in to your account. 4. Select the refill amount ...
1. Using your Tracfone or another phone, call the customer service number. Some Tracfone models contain a feature that allows customers to contact customer service ...
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