How Do I Address a Postcard?


To address a post card, locate the address area at the back of the postcard and right the adrress of the recipient. Place a first class postage stamp in the upper right hand corner on the back of the postcard.
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1. Identify the back and front side of the postcard. The front side usually has a picture on it and the backside is usually divided into two halves. The half on the left is for a
Please provide us with a location of Postcard Secret so we can better answer
On the postcard there should be a line (vertical) down the middle. Write where you want the card to go on the right side of that line. You write your message on the left.
I can only Answer for England---all letters have to be delivered as addressed--it is a legal contract. Letters marked to Reindeerland (ficticious addresses) are sent to a centre where
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Postcards require an address and a stamp in order to be mailed. Once the address is written clearly on the lines provided and a stamp placed on the card it can ...
Postcards come in different sizes. They are used for passing personal and business message and they do not need an envelope for mailing. Most postcards have an ...
If you are sending a post card, you write on the left, and the address, post mark and stamps should be placed on the right. ...
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