How Do I Adjust a Door Closer?


Door closer adjustment is an art that requires knowledge, patience, and a wrench, hex key or screwdriver. To adjust the door closer, use a step ladder to reach the door closer. Examine the closer. If you cannot see the adjustment screws, the closer has a cover. If you see no fasteners holding the cover, the cover is held by tension. Pull it off. If you do see fasteners, loosen, do not remove, the fasteners and the cover will slide off. The adjustment screws are marked or there will be a diagram inside the cover. Start with no more than 1/8 of a turn of the adjustment screw clockwise, and counter-clockwise to speed it up. Then test the door.
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How to Adjust a Door Closer
A door closer is used to close a door automatically each time it is opened. This piece of hardware contains a hydraulic-based mechanism. Closers can be adjusted to make the door close more slowly or quickly and can also be used to hold the door fully... More »
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To adjust your door closer, locate the closing rate adjusting screw which is located on the door-mounted end on the closer. If you turn clockwise closing rate slow down and turning anticlockwise will increase the closing rate.
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