How do I adjust a Walbro carburetor?


To adjust a Walbro carburettor you will require identifying the two-fuel adjustment screws on the side of the metal carburettor, turn both the screws gently, in a clockwise direction to seat the base of the screw inside the carburettor, open the fuel adjustment screws in a counter clockwise direction one and three-quarter turns to two full turns, allow the engine to warm up for approximately one minute to two minutes, hold the throttle wide open for full engine acceleration and adjust the hi screw until the engine smoothes out and lastly, allow the engine to return to an idle operation by releasing the throttle as at idle the engine should be running smoothly.
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How to Adjust a Walbro Carburetor
Walbro carburetors are almost standard on most all two-cycle engines. Two-cycle engines require that oil is mixed with the gasoline fuel. Failure to mix the correct oil in the gasoline will result in permanent engine failure and damage. Adjustment of the... More »
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