How Do I Age Copper Quickly?


To age copper quickly, clean and spray a commercial ammonia-based window cleaner on the copper surface. Mix 1/4 cup each of household ammonia, lemon juice, salt and white vinegar into a spray bottle and shake. Spray the copper surface with the window cleaner and add the mixture on top. Put the copper item in a plastic bag and let it sit undisturbed for one hour. Apply the mixture again and let it sit in the plastic bag overnight. Repeat this until you attain the aging you desire.
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To age copper quickly, spray a commercial ammonia-based window detergent on the copper, blend one of two aging composites, sprinkle the copper lightly with the window cleanser again, conceal the entire outside with the patina mixture, place the copper item in a plastic bag to create an artificial high humidity level, remove the item from the plastic and apply the patina mix again making certain that you have covered the entire metallic surface, and then apply the mixture again and allow it to work on the metal overnight, if necessary for the degree of aging you desire.
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