How Do I Anonymously Report Illegal Websites?


The Internet Watch Foundation is a good vehicle for anonymously reporting illegal websites. First, determine the type of website you're perusing and why it is illegal. Then visit the foundations website and enter a complaint.
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How Do I Anonymously Report Illegal Websites?
The Internet has opened up a lot of possibilities for illegal activity, some of which goes widely unnoticed by authorities. As a citizen of the world and a user of the Internet community, you may feel you have a responsibility to inform someone about... More »
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1. Determine the type of illegal activity the website you are viewing is displaying. Different types of illegal activity on the Internet require different reporting procedures. For
First, find out what country these web sites are hosted in. Just because it is illegal in the US does not make it illegal globally. The laws that apply are the laws in the country
The Department of Homeland Security can be reached at 202-282-8495.
depends on what it was i.e. child porn, animal porn, rape etc. because it all depends on where the website originated because it could be from a country that allows such things. it
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You can report illegal aliens anonymously to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) via an online form. You can also access civilian run websites, such ...
1. Locate a payphone that you can make the call from. This prevents the call from being traced back to you if you wish to remain anonymous. 2. Dial 911 if you ...
1. Fill out a "Complaint Assistant" form on the Federal Trade Commission website. Enter the required information into each appropriate field, then click ...
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