Apply for Extreme Home Makeover?


To apply for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, print out the application form found on the ABC website. Fill it and mail it to; Lock & Key Productions, 5062 Lankershim Blvd, Suite 3005, North Hollywood, CA 91601; along with a video and/or a picture.
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1. Visit the show's official Web site. Click on "Apply. 2. Download the application form. 3. Fill out the application form. The application form asks questions about the family
You can apply to be on Extreme Makeover UK by writing out an application form which is available on the shows' official website. You may need to download the application form and
The easiest way is to visit and click on the show's page.There you will find an "apply/nominate" that has an application.
Check out this link!… I didn't think that was on anymore?!
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To apply you must print out an application from the website. You should fill in the application and send it in along with video and pictures. To find more information ...
To apply for 60 minute makeover you send an email to ...
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