How Do I Apply for Pimp My Ride?


To apply for Pimp My Ride, you must be between the ages of 18 to 22 and you should own your own car. The application process includes sending an email to and this email should include your name, your age, street address, city, state, zip, your phone number and email address. You should also describe what is wrong with your car and picture of your car and also a picture of you or its owner.
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1. Visit the website for the UK version of Pimp My Ride (see link under Resources) 2. Click the "Pimp My Ride, or "Wanna Be on Pimp My Ride" link-if available. Filming
hi guys i always wacht the show on the tv nice job.good trasformation and performance on those cars.i need help with my 1996 toyota tercel is always with problems and stranded on
1. Buy a decent car. Ad. 2. Paint it the color you are wanting or think is cool. 3. Paint on a cool design or add another colored section. 4. Tint windows. Keep in mind if there are
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'Pimp my ride' is a TV show hosted by an American rapper Xzibit and produced by MTV. To sign up for the Pimp My Ride, you will have to visit the MTV official website ...
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