How Do I Apply Henna onto Hair?


To apply henna to the hair, mix the henna powder with warm water and add drops of lemon, an egg and let it rest for four to six hours. Apply the henna to the hair and let it dry for like an hour till it gets dried to a matte finish.
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1. In the margarine tub mix your Henna and lemon juice. You want to mix just enough of the two to nearly fill the margarine tub. This will be enough for shoulder length hair. Longer
Warm but not boiling, but an acidic liquid is better than water. So lemon juice, orange juice, strong tea, etc. I've never seen a difference between washing hair or not before henna
How to Apply Henna to Hair. Unlike bleach and other kinds of metallic dyes that can
Add four teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee, two raw eggs and enough curd to the henna powder to mix it into a thick paste. Since your hair is dry, also add two teaspoons of
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