How do I Ask a Girl to Marry Me?


If you want to ask a girl to marry you try to be as romantic as you can. Perhaps, a candle lit dinner with a ring for dessert, for example set the ring on top of a piece of cake. Or casually one night before a date get on one knee tell her a sweet and short poem you wrote and ask for her hand in marriage.
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If you are ready to ask someone to marry you, chances are you both already have some strong interests in common. Work with those interests. Perhaps it is a favorite restaurant, where you could arrange a date with a ring to be presented in the dessert, or an event or activity like horseback riding, basketball, or even skating where you could find a clever way to pop the question or present a ring. You can find more information here:
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1. Buy a ring. Traditionally, you should offer your girlfriend a ring at the time of proposal. To choose the perfect ring, ask her friends and family, observe your girlfriend's current
There are many romantic ways in which you can ask someone to marry you. You can start with a romantic dinner and flowers. For desert you can get on your knee and using the sweetest
A girl can ask to get marry when shes 24 years old!!!
To figure out how to ask a man to marry you, you need to take the time to craft such a proposal or request. A proposal is a huge step in a person's life; the more time and thought
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There are a few ways in which to ask a girl to marry you. One way is to bring her to a place that she loves and ask her to take your hand. Another way is to take ...
The most important thing is for the girl to agree to marry you. Conditions are that she must be 18years and above and same applies to you. The rest you can plan ...
Some of the ways to ask a girl to marry you include; proposing, sending her a You-tube video on that matter. Asking a special person to marry you is a very significant ...
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