How Do I Ask a Guy If He Has Feelings for Me?


A guy who has feelings for a woman would do a number of things: he will ask around about the woman, show up unexpectedly and strike up conversations.
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he makes you feel amazing and on top of the world and beautiful inside and out.
1. Arrange to run into him again. If the man is someone that you know, this could be as easy as going to a popular hangout, or striking up a conversation at work or school. If the
1. Be sure of your feelings: Be sure that you really love him and that maybe there's a chance of him to love you. Ad. 2. Don't ask him in front of everyone: It's better for you not
The nicest way is to just tell him that you're not romantically interested/attracted, now or ever. Guys are fantastic at trying to squeeze some form of hope out of a rejection and
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