How do I attach a headboard to a metal frame?


To attach a headboard to a metal frame, the procedure is slightly different if the frame fits into the headboard grooves or if you purchased it separately and the metal frame is a stand-alone. To attach a new headboard, you will need bolts or screws, washers, and the proper tools. The metal frame typically has holes that can be used to attach the headboard, so you will just need to line them up with the headboard and attach to the frame.
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How Do I Attach a Headboard to a Metal Frame?
When thinking about attaching a headboard to your metal bed frame you need to consider the compatibility of the headboard and the bed frame. If you do find that you can attach the two together, the project is relatively easy. You will need a few items to... More »
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Most metal frames have holes in the ends where both headboards and footboards can be attached. If yours does not, it's possible to drill through the metal and create holes you can use. For frames that already have these openings, you'll need bolts that fit through the holes and into the headboard. Bolt the two pieces together from the back side of the headboard, so that any of the bolt that sticks out past the nut doesn't scratch up your wall. Make sure you tighten everything down snugly. You may also want to use washers to avoid scratching up the wood and make a larger metal surface for the bolt head and nut to rest against.
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