How Do I Ban a Web Site from My Computer?


It is important to know how to ban websites, for its own security and also to protect for example children from getting access to profane sites. To do this load internet explorer, click on tools, internet options, click on the privacy tab, click sites on the pop up window, typein the website address you want to block and click okay.
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1. Open your Internet browser and click on the Tools tab in the main menu. From there, select the Clear History option. This will open a small window containing a number of suboptions
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Answer-- Probably because the certain websites are too big for your internet connection to open, like, your internet would take a long time to load it, and I realized that if you
Dr. Ungerere, a expert on the subject believes that "The growing risks
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No, social networking sites should not be banned from adults. However, many people argue that children under a certain age should not be allowed online. There ...
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1. Check to see if there is more than one browser installed on the computer. If so, check each one separately. 2. Start the computer and open Internet Explorer ...
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