How Do I Become a Child Minder?


A child minder takes care of children when the parents are away, there are 67,000 childminders in England and Wales providing quality childcare. To become one, one has to to be registered and train on childminding basics.
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Childminders must meet with Ofsted regulations in the United Kingdom. Ofsted inspects and regulates the care of children and young people in the UK. Childminders work directly with
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The course may vary depending on the state in which you practice, however, most child psychologist first obtain a 4 year degree in psychology or related field. This is followed by
your local council probably runs courses which you can usually access free of charge - they may even give you a star up grant to buy equipment and set up your business. The training
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To become a registered child minder, first you need to contact your local authority and you must be registered and inspected by Ofsted. Next, you have to undertake ...
To become a child minder (or a baby sitter), you must prove that you are responsible enough for this job. Minding the children of friends will give you a good ...
To be a child minder in the UK, you need to contact your local authority because if you work as a child minder without being registered, you are breaking the law ...
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