How Do I Become a Clown?


To become a crown you first research on what sort of clown want to become. There are many types of clowns. Some are happy and some are sad. Clowns also dress differently. Expand your character. A clown is basically a character the same way an actor or actress is a character in a play or on the screen. Characteristics of a clown are that it is unique and consistent. Get some skills like making balloon animals or practicing silly magic tricks such as pulling a never ending handkerchief from a coat pocket .Also learn how to have two feeling together like being clumsy and graceful at the same time. Finally have easily recognizable trait that makes your clown unique. This will make you unique, and it is important in distinguishing you from other clowns.
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How to Become a Clown
At one point or another during their childhood, every kid dreams of running away and joining the circus. Whether the draw is in the drama that unfolds as the acrobats soar through the air on the flying trapeze, the thrill of watching the lion tamer... More »
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To become a clown, start by researching on clowns and decide on the type of clown you want to become. Next, develop a unique and consistent character that is appealing to the audience. In the next step, acquire the standard skills of clowns and learn to be clumsy and graceful at the same time. Finally, make unique traits that are easy to recognise to serve as your signature in the field.
Becoming a clown is not as simple as it looks. First you have to decide what type of clown you want to be. After this, you should choose various clown characters for your act. Training to be a clown is similar to an actor's training and needs dedication. Find more tips here:
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