How Do I Become a Crime Scene Photographer?


Before you start as a crime scene photographer, you need to first make some preliminary decisions about where you intend to live and work. Secondly, meet the requirements where for instance most crime scene photographers are required to have a bachelor's degree from a reputable college. Thirdly, you must obtain your own equipment and develop skills on your own like taking some photography lessons. Finally, once you feel you are ready to do the job, look for employment.
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All crime scenes, as well as scenes of accidents and items of evidence, need to be cataloged and documented. A crime scene photographer (also known as a forensic photographer) is
In our department, all Crime Scene personnel are Police Officers assigned to the Detective Division. They receive additional training to be crime scene photographers. In college,
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How to Become a Crime Scene Photographer
Perhaps as an “armchair detective” you have been lured by TV crime drama into thinking that becoming a crime scene photographer would be a cool career. Or maybe the gun-style blast of the clicking camera sound on NCIS makes you feel that... More »
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To become a CSI (crime-scene investigator) or forensic scientist, you need at least a four-year bachelor's degree in some relevant area of physical science. These ...
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