How Do I Become a Distributor?


To become a distributor you need to identify what product or goods you want to distribute. Know the product and gain an interest in it. Identify the market and locate the target. Have adequate capital to have as security for the distribution. Take insurance policy to take caution in case of any losses. Keep an inventory record of all you do. Gain training knowledge in college through a Bachelor's degree in a business program.
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How to Become a Distributor
Distributors sell products and provide services for large companies without becoming traditional employees. There are various kinds of distributors, ranging between independent sales representatives and retail store owners who sell well-known products.... More »
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A distributor can specialize in a wide range of sectors. To become a distributor you first to obtain storage space, then invest in trucks, locate clients and finally install logistic management software. The amount of storage space required depends on the needs to the customer.
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If you want to become a distributor of products, you'll need to obtain a business license and then stock up on a product that people are in need of. Also, a warehouse would be a good
1. Search for testimonials or complaints written by your chosen company’s current and former distributors. Websites such as, Epinions, and have
1. Complete the Application for Employer Identification Number (Form SS-4). This information is filed with the IRS, which can be done online. 2. Fill out a permit application to wholesale
1. Investigate the market. Talk to local dirt-bike dealers and repair shops about their customers and demand trends. Look for opportunities to deliver products and accessories that
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