How Do I Become a Foster Parent in the UK?


For a person to become a foster parent in UK, one should first contact the local fostering service. One will be invited to attend an information session. One should then decide whether or not to make a formal application to the fostering service.
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To become a foster parent, you need to contact your local fostering service. You will also need to go through a training course; the skills to foster, which will prepare you and the other members of your household for a career in fostering. Your assessment will include background checks from the Criminal Records Bureau, local authority, personal and professional referees. Once your assessment is complete, your social worker will submit a full report to the fostering panel who will consider your suitability to foster.
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In order to become a foster parent you will need to apply through your state's Department of Health & Human Services. The requirements vary from state to state but in general
search the web for information about the department of child services and foster parenting in your county or state. Check out local fostering agencies, many help you through the process
1. Know what you're getting into. Inquire with your local or state agency that oversees the foster care system. There may be an orientation which you can attend which will provide
You can become a foster parent if you don't have a criminal record. You can not have an abusive enviroment for the child to come into.
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