How Do I Become a Mexican Citizen?


In order to become a Mexican Citizen, you must first meet a few requirements. The first, and probably most important, requirement is that you have to have lived in Mexico for five consecutive years. The second requirement is that you are able to speak and understand basic Spanish. A third requirement is that you have fundamental knowledge on the history of Mexico. When you have met the above requirements, you will need to submit a form, along with some photographs. At the time of the application, you will also need to be able to answer four, out of five questions, correctly. These questions will be on various topics about Mexico and its history. The entire application process requires two fees: one, due at the time the application is submitted, and another, due during processing. Once your citizenship is accepted, you will receive a call from the naturalization office. From there, you will need to go and pick up your certificate. You can find more information here:
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Go to . If you can't read it, you won't qualify. In a nutshell, live in Mexico for five years and you may qualify or marry a
Un cordial saludo. Ok, you must to find someone in your Area. I'm in Mexico. Is possible get mexican citizenship if your parents keep mexican citizenship yet. Mexican Federal Constitution…. once you have the mexican citizenship . you can renounce the US one.
Step 1: Relocate to Mexico. To become eligible for a Mexican citizenship, you must live in the country for a minimum of 5 years. Proof of residency is required. Step2: Take Spanish
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