How Do I Become a MLB Batboy?


To become an MLB bat boy, you must be at least 14 years old. An applicant needs to be in decent physical shape. Bat boys for the MLB have a number of responsibilities, which vary from team-to-team.
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1. Contact your local MLB affiliate to see if there are any batboy openings or if they're taking applications. It's best to contact the team during the off-season, either by phone
you have to be either a) related closely to a player (ie son, daughter, niece/nephew) and then the player can pull some strings to get you in as a bat boy OR b) you have to write
You have to fill out an application to become a bat boy. Make sure you include all
they dont get paid they get paid by funds. off the team.
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How to Become a MLB Batboy
Most kids dream of making it to the major leagues playing baseball. But since kids are too young to officially play in the majors, they can try out to become one of the batboys for their favorite MLB team. The batboy is responsible for many of the daily... More »
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