How Do I Become a Private Hire Driver?


To become a private hire or taxi driver, you must apply for a license with the DVLA. You will go through a check with the Criminal Records Bureau and you must pass a driving standard test. You must pass a local knowledge test to ensure that you know the roads and landmarks in your area. You also have to pay a licensing fee.
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1. Take and pass the Driving Standards Agency private hire assessment test. You are to provide a suitable vehicle for the test. It does not have to be yours, but you must be insured
How one becomes a private hire taxi driver will depend on the country one is in. In the UK it would be necessary to apply to the Department of Transport for an appropriate licence.
Hackney carriage and private hire drivers are licensed for the safety and protection of the public. In order to qualify as a private hire or hackney driver, the applicant must:
I didn't request a quote (and of course "prices vary by location"), but First Student ( suggests rates of $1.50 per passenger per hour.
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How to Become a Private Hire Driver
A private hire driver is a term used in the United Kingdom to describe car drivers that are booked in advance to take clients to their desired destinations. Being a driver involves working for a licensed firm. Before applying for jobs and getting to that... More »
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A vocational driving test is required to become a private hire taxi driver. Specific vocational qualifications are not defined. Age limit is 21 years and a valid ...
To become a private hire driver in the UK, you should have the legal work permit. You must have a full UK driving licence. You have to pay the fee and pass the ...
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