How Do I Become a Stenographer?


Stenographers are the people who record course proceedings and government meetings on paper using typewriters. To become one, you must finish high school and acquire a General Education Equivalent Diploma (GED). Following this, one should join college and pursue a court reporting or stenography program.
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1. Earn your high school diploma or the equivalent. If you didn't perform well in typing class during high school, take some typing courses at a local community college to practice.
I am a court reporting student almost ready to graduate : The length of time it takes to become a stenographer completely depends on the student. The average length of time is 2 1
You are already a stenographer or want to be become one and you specifically want to be a court stenographer. You will need to be focused on the system of justice and all other prerequisites
My mom is a stenographer. I don't want to discourage you at all because in a good economy the money is great. The schooling can take up to as many years as you plan on not studying.
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There are many technical schools that offer courses for a stenographer in which you would earn an associate's degree. These are usually 2 year courses. Make sure ...
Attend an accredited court reporting program/school in your area. Many community colleges offer a 2 year associate degree in court stenography. Shadow an experienced ...
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