How Do I Bend Silverware?


To bend silverware, take a spoon or fork between your two hands. Put your thumb and pointer finger on either side of the bend that is already there. Slowly and carefully bend the spoon or fork until it is the shape you want.
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1. Obtain silver utensils that are made of solid silver, rather than silver-plated base metal. Note that solid silver utensils lend themselves to the process of heating, cutting and
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Heating the peices makes them easier to work with. Source(s) (not jewelry. but still helpful)….
You need to anneal the spoons first. So you heat them up until they are cherry red and then allow to air cool. This will normalise the tension of the metals molecules after which
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To bend silverware for jewelry and other crafts, you can use a wooden dowel the size you want your curl to be and a rubber mallet. Place the utensil against the dowel and slowly pound it flush to the dowel's surface.
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