How Do I Block My Number When Calling Someone Else?


To block your number when calling someone depends whether you want the number to be stopped up permanently or temporally. If you want to stop it up it permanently then you need to contact the responsible service provider and ask them to do it but if it's on temporal basis just dial *67 then the figure after the tone.
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1. Contact your network carrier to permanently activate caller ID block on your phone. This feature is also called a line block and is offered by most wireless carriers for fixed
To block a number from someone calling,
1. Offer your friend a "Hello" and a "How are you? " Ask some questions about how they have been doing or what they did over the weekend/summer to set a friendly
Pick up your phone, wait for the dial tone. Then dial *67, wait for the dial tone sound to like cut out twice. Not a beep but no actual sound for appxroximately 1 second each, one
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In my personal experience, it is not possible to call someone using someone else number, from your own cell phone. It is possible to block your number, by connecting ...
To block someone from calling your cell phone, you first should contact your phone carrier. Your carrier may or may not have the ability to block numbers. If your ...
The easiest method of blocking a specific number, or even anonymous phone numbers, is usually offered as a service through the phone company. These services are ...
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