How Do I Bluetooth Pictures from My Phone to My Computer?


First you need to turn your phones visibility on. Most phones you do this by going into the menu, settings and they should be an option for 'connections.' You need to first make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. Next you need to turn on your Bluetooth’s visibility. You either need a laptop/tower with Bluetooth build in or a Bluetooth USB adapter. You can generally get a Bluetooth USB adapter for less than £18.89, and these are very useful and can be used with multiple phones, which is great about Bluetooth.
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1. Press "OK" on the phone's home screen, then select "Settings" and "Bluetooth. Press the "Select" soft key to turn on Bluetooth. Highlight "
it really depends on what network you have.
1. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone. Ad. 2. Activate Bluetooth on your computer. If your computer do not have integrated Bluetooth, you must plug the. USB Bluetooth Adapter
Both Nikon (part no. WT-4a) and Canon (part no. WFT-E5A) sell wireless transmission modules geared towards professional use. An interesting new option from Nikon is this transmission
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