How Do I Brighten My Laptop Screen?


A person can brighten their laptop screen by using the hot key functions on the keyboard. On most models it is usually a combination of holding the FN key while pressing the arrow keys up or down.
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1. Locate the Fn (Function) key on your keyboard. It may be on the bottom left side with dark blue letters. 2. Locate the two “brightness" keys near the top of the keyboard
To brighten is slightly different on each computer. Here are a few common ways. 1.Hold down the function key a.k.a. FN while pressing the up or down button. 2.Hold down the function
Just hold down the fn button and then press up on the arrow keys. Source(s): same thing was wrong with my laptop.
Creen Brightness: F2 turns it up, F1 turns it down. If you have the
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To brighten your computer screen, you can access your computer's screen properties. On a Mac computer, you press the F14 button. ...
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