How Do I Build a Cat Run?


The easiest way to build a cat run is to purchase a pre-made enclosure that can easily be set up on your lawn. Choose an area where the sun does not hit directly, but is still bright nonetheless. The area should also be free of anthills. This is the best place to set up your cat run. It is then just a matter of assembling your enclosure and surrounding it with a sturdy chain fence.
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1. Check zoning regulations. There might be zoning and building codes that limit the type and size of kennel you plan to build. 2. Choose an area that is not in full sun all day long
You will need scrap wood, scrap plywood, nylon netting and some string. Build the frame and then make a secure trap door. Set food in the cage and that's how to build a cat trap.
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1. Determine the size needed for the opening of the pet door for your fat cat. Use the tape measure to find the height by measuring from the cats shoulders to the underside of the
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