How Do I Build a Petrol Bomb?


To make a petrol bomb, you need a bottle filled with gasoline and a wick that will act as a source of ignition. When in use, the wick should be soaked in gasoline and lit. Immediately after, the bottle is hurled at its intended target and explodes on impact.
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Well, you certainly are ambitious to want to know how to build an atomic bomb. This kind of bomb was used in WWII when the United States bombed Japan. For more information see here:
it is an incendiary device first used by the russians in ww2
1. Draw everything out before you pick up a shovel or purchase a single block. Locate a good spot for your shelter. Decide if your bomb shelter will be an extension of your basement
petrol bomb: a crude incendiary bomb made of a bottle filled with flammable liquid and fitted with a rag wick
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