How Do I Build a Water Injection System?


To build a water injection system, you shall need the following: a pressure switch, a fuel hose, 1/4' X 8ft, a short fuel hose, 5/16' X 3', a relay that is 30A 12Volt, inline fuse holder, a fuse, clamps, electric wire and connectors and a vacuum tee. Detailed instructions on how to set up the system can be found at members at Steve Monroe's website.
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1. Disconnect the greywater device you are going to divert water from, such as a washer and dryer, sink, etc. 2. Using the couplings, connect the PVC pipe to the discharge outlet
1 Buy a sturdy plastic container, such as a milk jug. Ad
Injecting pure water into the blood stream can be lethal if it is done in a high enough dosage and goes untreated. By injecting pure water into the system you weaken the solution
Overview There are several ways to build a watering system for an elevated garden. You can set up sprinkler systems, lay soaker hoses or install a drip system. All methods help you
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