How to Build Wooden Steps?


To build wood steps first determine the general rise and after that determine the overall run which depends on the number of steps that are needed. After that make a layout of the steps on the side board until you have the required number of steps. Following the layout cut out the steps use a ply wood to attach the stairs to the deck and finally place the stair threads on the stringers of each stair till you finish.
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How to Build Wooden Steps
A stairway is based on the fundamental inclined plane. It is easier to gradually move up a ramp than it is to go straight up. The total energy expended is the same, but the energy is used over a longer period of time. Building the framing members... More »
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First cut your wood for the step stool and draw out the following measurements for the side panels and cut two pieces the same, draw 20.25 inches down the back, 37 inches across the bottom, up 6.75 inches, over 11 inches, up 6.75 inches, over 11 inches, up 6.75 inches and over 15 inches and you should be back where you started drawing and cut 3 pieces for the front risers at 15 by 6.75 inches and cut 2 pieces for the tops of the bottom steps at 11 by 15 inches. Cut 1 piece at 15 by 15 inches for the top step. Finally cut 1 back piece at 15 by 20.25 inches. You should have 9 pieces ready to assemble.
The tools you will need are: circular saw, set square, hack saw, a pencil, tape measure, 4' spirit level, masking tape. You will also need 3 lots of 10' / 2 x 12 boards, 2 lots of 8' / 2 x 4 boards, 8 lots of 8' / 2 x 6 boards, 1 lots of 45 / 2 x 6 boards, 1 sheet of ply-wood @ 1/2 / 8 x 48, 3-1/2 nails and deck screws or nails for the steps. Having all these find the overall stair rise- take one of the 8' 2x4's and rest one end on the deck then hold the other over the pad, place the level on the 2x4 and level the board. Then just measure from the bottom of the 2x4 to the pad. Now determine the overall stair run and time for some stairs layout. Cut out the stair pieces and reinforce the stair stringers. Attach the stairs to the deck and use some 3’ concrete nails to secure the 2x6 spacer to the concrete pad. Install the stair treads and also the stair railings to prevent people falling off.
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Build wooden steps by first calculating how many steps you need. Cut stringers from wood, then attach those using joist brackets. When those are set, add the steps to complete the
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Build deck steps by first calculating the rise that you need. Build your stringers, then attach to the deck with a kicker plate. Complete with the treads and risers.You ...
1. Cut your wood for the step stool. Draw out the following measurements for the side panels and cut two pieces the same. Draw 20.25 inches down the back, 37 inches ...
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