Calculate Discount Rate?


The discount rate refers to the interest rate that is used in determining the present value of future cash flows. It is calculated as the: (amount of discount / regular price) * 100.
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1. Estimate the discount rate, which is equivalent to the rate of inflation. Use past rates of inflation listed in the Consumer Price Index, which is compiled by the U.S. Bureau of
1. Determine how many coupon payments will be made on your bond (most bonds make 2 payments per year so if it is paid over 10 years, you have a total of 20 payments) 2. Find the coupon
I agree with Natish.. there are many factors.. and particularly under his item 1 which he has listed "your potential business" -- I would add "your volume now and in
Discount Rate is otherwise known as Cost of Capital as the term is used in Capital Budgeting Most metrics such as NPV, MIRR, Profitability Index and Discounted Payback Period use
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Discount rate is the rate at which cash flow in a discounted cash flow valuation goes down for a given period of time and is removed from the present. It can only be estimated since it is uncertain.
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