How Do I Calculate Creditor Days?


To calculate creditor days, divide the unpaid creditors by the cost of sales and then multiply the value by 365. The creditor days are the number of days a company takes to pay its creditors.
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1. Obtain an annual report. You can also look up accounts payable on the balance sheet that's published in the annual report. The annual report can be obtained by contacting the company's
There are two ways to calculate Creditors Turnover. First is using the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) as the basis. Divide Creditors (A/c Payables) by the Cost of Goods Sold. Second is
1. Determine the amount of cost of goods sold for the period. You can find this amount on the income statement. Assume you have the amount of $550,000 for cost of goods sold. Ad.
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