How Do I Calculate How Much I Make an Hour?


To figure out how much you make an hour, you can take your yearly wage and divide it by 52. Then take that number and divide it by 40, or the number of hours you work a week and this will give you your hourly wage.
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1. Contact the registrar's office or flip through your college handbook to see how semester hours are counted. Many times the number of hours you are in class in a week for a given
1. Locate the nameplate or label on each appliance that lists its wattage. This label is often intentionally placed in a hard-to-see location, such as the back or bottom of the appliance
Visualize the face of a clock as a pie, seeing the quarters that mark 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes in your mind's eye. When you imagine the 15 minute mark, what
1. Determine the actual hourly wage. This is not always the base wage you see listed on a paycheck stub. Some hospitals or round-the-clock manufacturing operations pay a shift differential
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