How do I cancel my Bally Total Fitness membership?


The process for cancelling a membership at Bally Total Fitness depends on the state where the individual enrolled and the type of contract the individual has with Bally Total Fitness. In general, memberships may be cancelled three to five days after signing the contract. Individuals wishing to cancel a membership should carefully review their contract for specific cancellation rights. Bally Total Fitness requires that all cancellation requests are put in writing.

To cancel a membership, Bally Total Fitness recommends that the individual draft a letter stating their desire to cancel. After drafting the letter, the individual should contact the Bally Total Fitness Member Support Center to ensure that the content of the cancellation letter is acceptable and to obtain the address to which the letter should be sent. The cancellation request should be processed approximately 10 days after it is postmarked.

Bally Total Fitness offers two types of memberships that offer different cancellation policies. A Monthly Payment Membership can be cancelled 10 days prior to the next payment due date. A Value or Commitment Term Membership may not be cancelled with refund except in the case of disability, military orders or death. Other events may apply on an individual basis. The membership agreement should always be referred to for specific cancellation requirements and information.

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