How Do I Cancel My Curves Membership?


If you want to cancel a Curves membership you should stop by the gym and talk to a manager or sales associate. If you are month to month just be sure to cancel before your next payment comes out. If you are in the middle of a contract you will have to pay up to $50.00 dollars depending on how many months you had left on contract.
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1. Locate the original contract you signed when you first joined Curves. Information about terms and conditions of the branch you joined should be located on the document that pertains
You will need to call the one you want to go to because everyone is different. They are based on where they are located and how the surrounding area is doing. Some will cost more
I need to cancel my curves membership in Hawaii (as I now live in a different state) and I was told that all I need to do is right a letter to the curves in Hawaii and tell them that
You signed a contract. It would take more money to hire an attorney. Furthermore, if the terms of cancellation are iron clad, doubtful an attorney would take the case for such a small
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1. Compose a letter to the manager at the Curves location where you initiated your membership. Include the date of the letter, the date that you joined Curves, ...
Cancelling a membership is not difficult however, keep in mind some companies charge fees if you cancel your memberhsip prior to its expiration date. Howeve, to ...
1. Cancel your trial membership with during your seven day trial period. To cancel, call their toll free number at 1-800-262-3787. During the phone ...
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