How Do I Care for a Sunflower?


To care for a sunflower plant, make sure it is planted in an area of the garden or lawn that receives a whole lot of sunlight. Make sure that the sunflower plant is watered at least once a day.
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1. Before planting sunflowers, mix manure into the soil where the sunflowers will be growing. Sunflowers do well in most soil conditions, so this is not too much of a worry. However
1. Find a place to plant them. Sunflowers need a lot of sun, as their name may tell you. They need direct sunlight for at least six hours a day. Sunflowers also lean in towards the
They are most likely to die on their own, as they only live one year. However, they produce seeds which can grow back into new plants the spring.
Sunflowers should last until late summer. Ours grow wild out here, with little need for care, but they do need full sun. I haven't been very successful with potted sunflowers, I have
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How to Care for a Sunflower
Sunflowers, from the small to the tall, worship their namesake and bring joy to people of all ages. There are fifty species of sunflower, native to the United States. Ranging in color from the brightest yellow to the deepest red, sunflowers carry such... More »
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