How Do I Care for Lupins?


To care for lupins, you should dig out their long roots avoiding the long and thick tap root. Give them plenty of water in summer and try to attract ladybugs which keep off the aphids. Lastly, ensure that you cut off the blooms of the flowers after they have faded.
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1. If you want hearty wild lupine, be prepared to do some spade work, as their roots are extremely long. Dig straight down beside the plant, and then dig around it, carefully avoiding
Lupines, once established, are very easy of culture. They grow in any soil which does not contain lime. The roots are large and long and readily exhaust the soil of its food materials
Give it fairly good soil, with a little soluble fertilizer and water and that's about it. Lupines are pretty durable perennials but they are toxic, so watch the kids around them.
Members of the family Fabaceae, lupins can come in annual and perennial varieties and grow tall spikes of sweet-pea-shaped flowers. These deer-resistant blooms prefer partial shade
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A mulch of well rotted manure should be applied on the soil around the base every year to ensure healthy plants. Slugs and snails should be controlled regularly since Lupins are prone to slug and snail damage. If a plant has mottling on the leaves, lift and destroy immediately to prevent disease spread.
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You should remove the faded flowers and also the heavy crops of seeds which will otherwise weaken the plant and if left to disperse, seedlings of inferior quality ...
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