How do I Cash a Check in Someone Else Name?


You can not cash a check made out to someone else without their signature on the back. If you have them sign the back, then write pay to the order of, then your name you will be able to sign it and cash it.
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You can be asked to return the money to the person who was the original recipient of the check. If you fail to do so, you can be imprisoned/jailed for that. This is because, a check
So your feeling generous and want to give someone else money do you? Well we like you a lot. All you have to do is just endorse the back with your signature and it will be all set
You can't unless you go to early check
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To cash someone else check you can get yourself in some very big trouble. This is because it is a crime, it is a felony that can have you in the slammer for a ...
Endorsing a check to someone else is a fairly easy task depending on the bank it's drawn from. Simply sign your name to the back of the check and then the other ...
1. Flip the check over to the backside and rotate it so the end of the check with pre-printed lines is at the top. 2. Write "Pay to the order of" at ...
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