How Do I Cash a Money Order?


To cash a money order, you can deposit it into your bank account if you have one. You can also do this at cheque cashing services, but these require both identification and a fee. A money order which specifically mentions a bank's name may be cashed at a branch of that bank.
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How to Cash a Money Order
A money order is considered "as cash" at most banks and businesses, so it is generally easier to cash than a personal check. That's why many companies specifically ask for mail-order payments with a money order or certified check. In some cases, you... More »
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If you want to cash a money order then you can do so at a local bank or a check cashing store. Please be advised that there are fees when you cash a money order. The fees depends
Need to know how to cash a money order? Cashing a money order can be confusing and frustrating if you are unsure of what to do first, but the process is easier once you know where
1. Go to the nearest post office to cash your money order. If you need assistance locating a post office, simply visit the United States Postal Service official website (see Resources
A US Postal Money Order can be cashed at any US Post Office. A Western Union money order can be cashed at any authorized Western Union franchisee. Other commercial money orders, may
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You are required to go to the foreign exchange bureaus or local banks in the UK. The order normally takes between 2-3 weeks before it clears. Money orders are ...
International money orders can be cashed out in local post offices and banks. You can also have this debited to your current UK bank account. ...
Banks do cash money orders. You can also cash a money order at the post office and a most check cashing stores. ...
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