How Do I Change a Rar File to MP3?


To convert your RAR into an MP3 format, click on start menu, click on computer and find the folder where the RAR file is located and right click on the file. From the popup menu choose 'Extract files' then select the folder where you want the MP3 files you will convert to be saved and click OK. The converted MP3 files can now be opened with an audio playback program.
Q&A Related to "How Do I Change a Rar File to MP3"
1. Download and install an archive program like WinRar, Winzip or 7Zip. You can make these programs open your file all in just about the same way. 2. Double-click on your RAR file use this program to convert it into an mp3 file
You need a program that will extract the rar file such as Winzip. ChaCha
.rar files are not multimedia files, so you can't play them. A RAR file is an archive, just like .zip or .tar that can contain one or more compressed files. You can extract those
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