How Do I Change a Washer on a Mixer Tap?


To change a washer on a mixer tap, start by closing the main supply of water and clogging the sink. Then, unscrew the top plate of the tap and then remove the body cover. The washer is usually underneath the body and it will either be pressed into place or held in position with a nut. Remove it and place the new washer and then reverse the process.
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Before you get out the drill to go after that screw, try this: While applying loosening torque on the screwdriver, rap it with a hammer. Don't go crazy, you're not trying to break
1. Turn off the water supply at the mains. Look around for the main water turn-off-it may be outside. 2. Open the tap you are going to work on and allow any residual water to drain.
1. Locate the main water valve. 2. Turn off the water to your house. 3. Locate the nut that sits just behind the faucet knob. 4. Remove the nut using an adjustable wrench. 5. Pull
Changing a tap washer is quite easy. Making sure you have the right size washer at hand first, close off the valve feeding that tap or the main valve to the property. Depending on
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The first thing to do when replacing a washer is to isolate the water supply. Remove the tap handle to expose the inner of the tap, turn in anticlockwise to remove cover exposing the head gear, remove the nut and replace the washer then reassemble the tap.
Turn off the water supply to the taps *. Make sure the tap is turned fully on, and put the plug into the plughole to stop any small parts falling down the waste pipe. Unscrew or lever off the cover of a non-rising spindle tap to expose the retaining screw. Remove the screw and put it in a safe place. Remove the head of the tap. Undo the larger headgear nut with a spanner. Do not force the nut. If it is stiff, brace the tap body by hand or with a pipe wrench wrapped in a cloth, to prevent the tap from turning and fracturing or damaging the pipe work attached to it. If you damage the pipe at this point it could cause a leak and you would need to call a plumber. If the nut is still difficult to turn, apply penetrating oil round the joint, wait for about 10 minutes to give it time to soak in, and then try again. You may have to make several applications. It is also possible to apply heat to it with and electric paint stripper or blow torch but be very careful. Prise off the washer with a screwdriver. If there is a small nut holding it in place, unscrew it with a spanner. If it is difficult to undo, put penetrating oil round it and try again when is has soaked in. Then prise off the washer. After fitting a new washer or washer and jumper valve, grease the threads on the base of the tap before reassembling. It is possible to get a special silicone gel from the plumber’s merchants, but something like Vaseline would do.
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