How Do I Change My Name after Divorce?


A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. A woman is allowed to change her name upon a divorce and all she needs is a marriage certificate or a decree absolute. If you want to go back to the name you were born with, you might need to provide a birth certificate.
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1. Obtain a copy of the divorce decree. Check the decree to make sure that the property in question is specifically awarded to the correct party. 2. Request a quitclaim deed application
1. Include a name change request with your divorce petition. Obtain the necessary name change request form so the request can be processed. The name of this form varies from state
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You need to submit your marriage certificate to change your name after marriage. This is done at the county clerk's office. You will also need to change the social ...
Many women choose to change their name after marriage. In Arizona, the newlywed must contact the Social Security Administration first to obain a new social security ...
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