How do I change back to my maiden name?


To change back to your maiden name, you should contact your court system, fill out the necessary paperwork and prepare to meet the costs. You may be required to meet the judge for the latter to know the reasons for the name change. You should change your name on all sensitive personal information after which you will have certified documents of the name change.
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How to Change Your Name Back to Your Maiden Name
Your divorce is final and you're ready to begin life anew. But first you must achieve one initial step before the journey begins: changing your last name. Changing your last name can be as simple as adding a sentence in your divorce decree or filing... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
If you want to revert to your maiden name when divorced all you need is a copy of a divorce certificate or a dissolution certificate. If you want to revert to your original name you might need to provide a birth certificate.
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